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Bernstein A, Merrilees J, Dulaney S, Harrison KL, Chiong W, Ong P, Heunis J, Choi J, Walker R, Feuer JE, Lee K, Dohan D, Bonasera SJ, Miller BL, Possin KL.
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Alzheimer’s Dement. 2020; 6:e12010.

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PubMed Central PMC7201177
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Haeusermann T, Fong C, Lechner, C.
Book Review: Lynch, JA. The Origins of Bioethics: Remembering When Medicine Went Wrong. Michigan State University Press. 2019. 228pp. ISBN 9781611863413.

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PubMed Central PMC6777227
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Quinn CM, Borzello M, Zahir A, Kramer JH, Chiong W.
COMT Val158Met polymorphism associated with greater susceptibility to framing effects in healthy older adults.

biorXiv. 2019. [unrefereed preprint]

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Rosa TD, Possin KL, Bernstein A, Merrilees J, Dulaney S, Matuoka J, Lee KP, Chiong W, Bonasera SJ, Harrison KL, Kahn JG.
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Bernstein A, Harrison KL, Dulaney S, Merrilees J, Bowhay A, Heunis J, Choi J, Feuer JE, Clark AM, Chiong W, Lee K, Braley TL, Bonasera SJ, Ritchie C, Dohan D, Miller BL, Possin KL.
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PubMed Central PMC6618767
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Chen Y, Wilson L, Kornak J, Dudley RA, Merrilees J, Bonasera SJ, Byrne CM, Lee K, Chiong W, Miller BL, Possin KL.
The costs of dementia subtypes to California Medicare fee-for-service, 2015.

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Butler PM, Chiong W, Perry DC, Miller ZA, Gennatas ED, Brown JA, Pasquini L, Karydas A, Dokuru D, Coppola G, Sturm VE, Boxer AL, Gorno-Tempini ML, Rosen HJ, Kramer JH, Miller BL, Seeley WW.
Dopamine receptor D4 (DRD4) polymorphisms with reduced functional potency intensify atrophy in syndrome-specific sites of frontotemporal dementia.

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Merrilees JJ, Bernstein A, Dulaney S, Heunis J, Walker R, Rah E, Choi J, Gawlas K, Carroll S, Ong P, Feuer J, Braley T, Clark AM, Lee K, Chiong W, Bonasera SJ, Miller BL, Possin KL.
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Possin KL, Merrilees J, Bonasera SJ, Bernstein A, Chiong W, Lee K, Wilson L, Hooper SM, Dulaney S, Braley T, Laohavanich S, Feuer JE, Clark AM, Schaffer MW, Schenk AK, Heunis J, Ong P, Cook KM, Bowhay AD, Gearhart R, Chodos A, Naasan G, Bindman AB, Dohan D, Ritchie C, Miller BL.
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