Recent neuroethics presentations

Winston Chiong
April 22, 2022

I recently had the chance to give two presentations about neuroethics, which (for better or worse) are recorded on YouTube. On April 5 I was invited to the University of Washington Electrical & Computer Engineering Colloquium to present on “Patient experiences with implanted closed-loop neuromodulation as inputs for human-centered design”–had a wonderful series of very interesting conversations with faculty in engineering and in bioethics during my visit to Seattle:

On April 9 I got to participate in a great panel discussion as part of the Science Ethics and Policy Symposium on the UC Berkeley campus, with the always-thoughtful Sara Goering (yes of course, also at UW!) and moderated by Narayan Sankaran:

Goodbye (but not really goodbye) Clayton

Winston Chiong
April 15, 2022

It’s time again to gather and send off another member of lab to the next stage in their career. But this time, Clayton won’t be going far. To further an interest in data science that Clayton developed during his time in Decision Lab, Clayton is staying at the Memory and Aging Center but moving to our MAC Technology Team! We look forward to bombarding Clayton with late-night emergency requests about password resets, network drive mounting errors, file backups and journal article permissions. Hopefully Celeste lets him stay on lab Slack…

photo of Goodbye (but not really goodbye) Clayton

Return to Lab Lunch!

Winston Chiong
March 15, 2022

We had a very successful but exhausting week in lab, submitting a grant application and also hosting Roy Hamilton for two inspiring talks about diversity, equity and inclusion in neurology and about noninvasive brain stimulation in aphasia syndromes. It was especially great to host Roy in person given all the work he’s done to inspire and inform our efforts at creating a more inclusive lab, Memory and Aging Center, and Department of Neurology.

To celebrate we gathered for our first lab lunch in a long while, also celebrating UCSF’s return to work and our beautiful new office space in the Weill Neurosciences Building, which we finally get to enjoy together. So glad to be able to share each others’ company and conversation with delicious dumplings!

photo of Return to Lab Lunch!

Neurology podcast about aducanumab

Winston Chiong
January 25, 2022

I got to have another great conversation with Dr. Jeff Ratliff for the Neurology journal podcast. When he had me on last time to talk about dementia ethics more generally, I wasn’t able to talk yet about the position statement that our committee has been preparing to address the many challenges raised in decision-making regarding this controversal new drug. In this discussion we considered how to counsel patients and families given the drug’s lack of established benefit, known harms, potential negative effects on the entire Medicare system, and health equity concerns given the exclusion of Black, Indigneous and Hispanic patients from pivotal clinical trials. At the end, Dr. Ratliff asked a tough question about a scenario in which a patient really desires treatment; I did my best to illustrate how frameworks of shared decision-making may be helpful in such situations.