Capping off a productive week of posters in the Decision Lab, Narayan Sankaran received a poster award at the International Neuroethics Society’s 2024 meeting in Baltimore for his poster, on “Disparate ethical responses to speech decoding research.” Narayan’s project is focused on (1) unpacking an ethical tension exhibited in many responses to the ongoing development of speech BCIs (brain-computer interfaces), between support for restoration and concerns about surveillance, and (2) drawing upon details of the neuroscience of speech and on community engagement to chart a path forward. Congrats also to Narayan on his upcoming faculty appointment at the University of San Francisco!

In my view, this year’s INS program was the most well-developed and engaging so far. In addition to exciting integrations with the arts, the program included illuminating international discussions (particularly with expertise from Japan and Latin America) and really thoughtful incorporation of considerations of society and the social sciences. Looking forward to next year in Munich!