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Meetup with the Bay Area Open Science Group

Winston Chiong
February 27, 2024

Today in place of our usual weekly code meeting, we instead were invited to present at a virtual meetup of the Bay Area Open Science Group, a community spanning UCSF, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. We had a fascinating discussion about open science and different norms across a wide range of scientific disciplines–at a health sciences university, we don’t often have the chance for such wide ranging discussions about rigor and method. And it was flattering to know that people outside the lab had found the Decision Lab Handbook useful!

Farewell dim sum outing for Celeste

Winston Chiong
January 28, 2024

Another goodbye for the lab, but fortunately Celeste Fong will not be going too far away. Instead, she’ll be joining the Sutter Health Program in Medicine and Human Values as a clinical ethics fellow. We’re super excited that she’s found such a great role for her interests, and even more excited that she’s staying in San Francisco! Since she missed our last dim sum outing, it was only right to go out and reminisce over dumplings and noodles!

photo of Farewell dim sum outing for Celeste

Clara Sanches at SfN

Winston Chiong
November 15, 2023

Clara Sanches presented her poster at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Washington DC, on a drift-diffusion model analysis of cognitive slowing in aging. In contrast with many prior studies comparing cohorts of younger and older adults (in which variability in recruitment across cohorts can lead to uncontrolled differences), or studies analyzing parameters derived from a single task, this work analyzes the effect of age as a continuous variable across a single cohort of older adults verified as neurologically healthy, in three quite different task contexts (decision-making, emotion recognition, and memory).

photo of Clara Sanches at SfN

BBQ and welcome to Manizhe and Pongpat!

Winston Chiong
September 9, 2023

After a one-year hiatus due to a kitchen remodel, we’re back for another Decision Lab BBQ! This time we are welcoming Manizhe and Pongpat to the lab. Manizhe is a behavioral neurologist from Iran via Boston, while Pongpat is a health economist from Thailand via Hiroshima! Very excited to have them join us, bringing their talents and new perspectives!

photo of BBQ and welcome to Manizhe and Pongpat!