Heather Romero-Kornblum presents at ISDN2019

Winston Chiong
June 7, 2019

Congratulations to Heather-Romero-Kornblum, presenting new work on sensitivity to choice features in intertemporal decision-making, and on how to model it, at the 9th Interdisciplinary Symposium on Decision Neuroscience at Duke University. Great work Heather!

photo of Heather Romero-Kornblum presents at ISDN2019

Goodbye Ali and Mia!

Winston Chiong
May 17, 2019

Tonight we shared a lot of laughs and also a few tears to celebrate two lab members who have brought so much to our group, and who are now moving on to exciting new phases of their careers. I am so proud of Ali Zahir and Mia Borzello, leaving the lab for medical school at UCSF and a PhD in Cognitive Science at UCSD (respectively), and grateful for all they have done to help grow our lab. I’m so glad we had a gather and commemorate the time we’ve spent together, over vegan sushi (yum!) and vegan cheesecake (ehh…). Can’t wait to see what you two do next, and also to catch up the next time you’re in town (Mia) or break free from exams and rotations (Ali)!

Decision Lab dinner at Indochine Vegan Restaurant

NIH BRAIN Initiative Working Group Video!

Ali Zahir
April 25, 2019

Our very own Winston Chiong was featured in a video where he and other members of the NIH BRAIN Initiative’s Neuroethics Working group (NEWG) discuss the importance of neuroethics and neuroethical implications of BRAIN tools and technologies:

Happy Birthday Winston!

Ali Zahir
March 25, 2019

In celebration of Winston’s birthday our lab members came together to surprise him with perhaps the most picturesque cake ever.

photo of Happy Birthday Winston!